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Robin Cryer & Philip HyLand debuted as Girlfriend in NYC.  The two met while Robin was performing in Greenwich Village and it was love at first sight.   HyLand was in the process of recording some of his first songs and asked Robin if she would lay down vocal tracks with him.  She agreed and they later gave their first public performance in an East Village bar on October 10th, 1993.  The crowd went wild.

GIRLFRIEND is Robin Cryer (vocals) & Phil HyLand (vocals, guitar)

with: Dale May (drums), Pemberton Roach (bass)
& Phil Costello
(lead guitar)

Pemberton Phil Costello Dale May

the girlfriend photo album

Dale loads.gif (42704 bytes) Robin - LeGoff.gif (40805 bytes)

After the fire - Dale loads the Ford

Robin Photographed by Tom LeGoff

Phil - LeGoff.gif (35069 bytes)

Pem.gif (47735 bytes)

Phil shot by Tom LeGoff

Pem limbers up at Sound of Music

Rob at Keyboard.gif (33058 bytes)

Dale and John.gif (34663 bytes)

Robin writes "Girlfriend" (track #3)

Dale and John admire Robin's paint-by-numbers


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