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We've compiled some links to help Indie filmmakers or anyone interested in Independent Film find what they're looking for. If you have any suggestions for links let us know.


The AIVF - dedicated to providing info and support to Indie filmmakers
The American Cinematheque - dedicated to preserving American film
The American Film Institute -
great film school
The American Museum of the Moving Image -
snazzy site for those interested in film history
Centropolis Entertainment -
surprisingly well linked and helpful site, large festival listing
CineMedia -
massive collection of film and media links
Cyber Film School -
terrific learning tool for new filmmakers -
resource for those looking for directors
The Film Forum -
venerable New York arthouse
The Greatest Movies of All Time -
evocative essays on great films
Independent Feature Project -
invaluable aid to indie filmmakers
Independent Theater Search -
help in finding theaters showing Indie films
The Internet Movie Database -
huge information resource
Kingman Films International -
publishers of Scr(i)pt Magazine
The Mining Company -
great site for classic film
The Motion Picture Industry Behind the Scenes -
impressive site where you can make a film on the web
The Silents Majority -
online journal of silent film
The Sundance Channel -
scads of info on films that have appeared on the channel
The Sundance Institute -
the big daddy of 'em all
The USC Summer Production Workshop -
mini version of esteemed film course
The U.S. Copyright Office -
remember to copyright that script!
The Writers Guild of America -
useful resource for anyone writing in movies
The Yahoo! Filmmaking Index


U.S. Film Festivals
The AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival
The Austin Heart of Film Festival and Screenwriter Conference
The Chicago International Film Festival
The Chicago Underground Film Festival
CineQuest - The San Jose Festival
The Fort Lauderdale International Film  Festival
The GENART Film Festival
The Hamptons International Film Festival
The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
The Method Fest - Pasadena
The Mill Valley Film Festival
The New York Film Festival
The Palm Springs International Film Festival
The Providence/R.I. International Film Festival
The Santa Barbara International Film Festival
South by Southwest SXSW
The Sundance Film Festival
The Telluride International Festival
The Tahoe International Film Festival
WorldFest - Houston/Flagstaff
The Yahoo! Film Festival Index


International Film Festivals
The Berlin International Film Festival
The Brisbane Film Festival
The Cannes International Film Festival
The Deauville Festival of American Films
The Film Festival Server
The Ghent International Film Festival
The Locarno International Film Festival
The London Film Festival
The Oldenburg International Film Festival
The Rotterdam International Film Festival
The Toronto International Film Festival
The Yahoo! Film Festival Index


Ain't It Cool News - news and reviews
American Cinematographer
The Cinema Connection -
grants listing
Corona's Coming Attractions
CNN Interactive
Entertainment Weekly Online
IndieWIRE -
the premiere news source for Indie filmmakers
Film Culture
Filmmaker Magazine
my favorite subversive film mag
The Hollywood Reporter Online -
industry news
Internet Filmmakers FAQ
iPOP Magazine
Kulture Void Pictures
The Straight Dope -
the lowdown on everything worth knowing
Variety Online -
industry news


Bury The Evidence - a truly surreal charmer
The Eden Myth -
meet the Specks, a nuclear family about to explode
Fishing With Gandhi - one of the funniest festival films in recent years
Seven Girlfriends - gives "wacky" romantic comedy a good name


The Jon Cryer Unofficial Fan Page (under construction) - looks like it will be fun when it's done
The Midge Ure  Fan Site -
A terrific site fans of our esteemed composer
The Yahoo! Independent Film Index -
a listing of the web pages of hundreds of independent films


For Sale - books and videos with huge discounts
- huge and well-linked video retailer -
great selection  of obscure and hard to find video



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All photos by Tom LeGoff