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Click on the thumbnails to view Hi- Res (scanned at 150 dpi), large format JPEG's suitable for publication. All photos are to be credited to Photographer Tom LeGoff. 


Rick Stear and Frank Whaley

Rafael Baez - Jon Cryer and Rick Stear

Jon Cryer and Rick Stear - Freakshow

Stan (Rick Stear) confronts the Skee-ball Weasel (Frank Whaley)

Richie (Rafael Baez), Daniel (Jon Cryer), and Stan (Rick Stear) meet under the boardwalk

Daniel (Jon Cryer) and Stan (Rick Stear)in front of the Freak Show

Rick Stear

Jon Cryer

Rafael Baez

Stan (Rick Stear)

Daniel (Jon Cryer)

Richie (Rafael Baez)

Frank Whaley

Peter Gerety

Ione Skye

The Skee-ball Weasel (Frank Whaley)

Maurice (Peter Gerety)

Gabby (Ione Skye)

Richard Schenkman and Jon Cryer

Stan (Rick Stear) at 17

Jon Cryer and Rick Stear

Richard Schenkman with Co-Screenwriter Jon Cryer

Stan (Rick Stear) at 17

Stan (Rick Stear) and Daniel (Jon Cryer) embark upon their journey


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2000 evenmore entertainment
All photos by Tom LeGoff